The cover of Competing Against Luck

Competing Against Luck

The Story of Innovation and Customer Choice

by Clayton M. Christensen, Karen Dillon, Taddy Hall and David S. Duncan

This one’s a pretty standard business read; Christiansen (et al, there are lots of co-authors) describes the Jobs to be Done framework, examples of it in action, and ways to implement it in your own work. I picked it up because I’d heard “Jobs to be Done” used all over the place and needed to be able to cut through buzzword bullshit.

The gist is the classic aphorism “People don’t want a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole.” Or, if you prefer business wisdom in meme form:

The value of the book might be entirely in some of the more practical advice for finding what your customer’s jobs are. I actually used some of these tools in a recent interview and I think it went over pretty well. All in all, it is a quick read (4 hours), and will probably result in your career being at least $15 more successful.