My Management Philosophy

June 10, 2018 · 2 min read

After reading Lara Hogan’s post and getting some inspiration from my own manager, I thought it’d be good to write up my management philosophy. This reflects my approach at this moment in time — I’m still pretty new to management, and will be revisiting this over time.

My Philosophy

I believe in servant leadership. If I do my job well, the people I manage will excel in their role and grow in their career.

I also believe that everyone defines success differently. I’m always seeking to tune and improve my management practices to best support those that I coach.

What I expect of those who report to me

  • Come to our 1-on-1 with your full attention, and be as candid as you can.

  • Build relationships across teams. Your connections with your peers in other parts of the organization will help you excel.

  • Stay curious. Use our resources (in-house training, education budget, etc) to grow your skills.

  • Share your work. Regularly seek feedback from other designers, and post to public channels when it’s appropriate.

What my reports can expect from me

  • A weekly 1-on-1, with my undivided attention. I prefer to use 1-on-1s as an opportunity for you to share thoughts with me, or solicit my contributions if you choose.

  • Regular skip-level 1-on-1s with my manager. The cadence will depend on their availability, and I’ll make sure any exceptions are accommodated.

  • 360 reviews every four months. In addition to the company-mandated annual review, I’ll regularly share feedback from myself, your peers, and your stakeholders on how you’re performing.

  • Respect for work/life balance. I won’t send you messages (Slack or email) outside of working hours. If the need arises, I’ll make it clear why the circumstances are unusual.