Hi, my name is Matthew Ström.

I'm a design lead at Bitly.

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Products I’ve worked on:

WSJ.com, one of the world’s most trusted news sources.
SoundCloud Go, SoundCloud’s premium subscription offering.
Spacetime, an app for remote teams.
Argos, a content marketing analytics platform.
SAP Fiori, software powering large-scale commercial operations.

Things I’ve written:

03/10/19 The Slippery Slope of In-Product Messaging
03/03/19 Switching to variable fonts
02/24/19 Compounding design, expiring design
02/16/19 Optimize for learning
02/10/19 How to take your team's creative pulse
01/20/19 All the books I read in 2018
01/13/19 Inclusive design on the Tokyo subway
12/27/18 How To Have More Inclusive Meetings
12/13/18 Who Are Design Systems For?
12/05/18 We'll Fix It Later
11/21/18 The Design System You Already Have
11/12/18 Just-in-time Design
10/17/18 Research, Empathy, Simplicity, Speed
08/31/18 Designing With Code
07/29/18 The 1-hour Design Principles Workshop
06/10/18 My Management Philosophy
06/03/18 Making WSJ.com more accessible
05/14/18 Agile & Anxiety
03/25/18 Crystal Ball 1-on-1s
02/19/18 Really Bad Design Exercises
02/11/18 Flight Crews Don't Decide Where To Fly
01/06/18 Why the Web Will Win
12/28/17 My favorite job interview question
12/11/17 Changing all the fonts on WSJ.com
11/14/17 What makes a good design principle?
04/13/17 How to get the best design feedback from your team
08/03/16 Design Better Data Tables
07/27/16 Datum Ipsum: Designing real-time visualizations with realistic placeholder data
02/08/16 Tiny Data Visualizations
12/12/15 Mind the Gap: Designing graphs with missing data
11/11/15 Goldilocks Your Graphs
07/15/15 Well-Designed Interfaes Look Boring
01/07/15 Towards Better Creative Feedback
05/16/14 Asymmetrical Symmetry
05/15/14 Make It 'til You Make It
05/13/14 Better Problem Solving: Unask the Question
05/08/14 Taking Credit for Success
05/06/14 What Happens When Things Go Wrong
04/09/14 Practice Makes perfect
01/28/14 Be Curious
01/18/14 Working to Work
12/02/13 A Website To Call My Own

Talks I’ve given:

10/15/18 Tech Inclusion SF
09/18/18 Design Driven NYC (video)
05/27/18 Tech Inclusion NYC
08/15/17 Data Storytelling NY
11/02/16 Graphical Web 2016: Tiny Data Visualizations (slides)
10/09/16 OpenCamp 2016: Datum Ipsum (slides)
07/21/16 Brooklyn.JS: WebVR with aframe.js
01/25/16 D3.js NYC: Tiny Data visualizations (video)
04/18/13 Pecha Kucha: The Creatives Must Be Crazy (video)

Companies I’ve started:

Eleven, a free monthly music magazine.
CTY, a civic technology company.
Planetary, a digital product development agency.

Side projects I maintain:

Datum Ipsum, a placeholder data generator.
Airframe, a frontend prototyping kit.