Hi, my name is Matthew Ström.

I'm a desiigner
& developer living in Brooklyn, NY.

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Projects I’ve worked on:
SoundCloud Go, SoundCloud’s premium subscription offering.
Spacetime, an app for remote teams.
Argos, a content marketing analytics platform.
SAP Fiori, software powering large-scale commercial operations.
The Architect’s Newspaper, a redesign and rearchitecture of an online publication.

Side projects I maintain:

Datum Ipsum, a placeholder data generator.
Airframe, a frontend prototyping kit.

Companies I’ve started:

Eleven, a free monthly music magazine.
CTY, a civic technology company.
Planetary, a digital product development agency.

Things I’ve written:

11/14/17 What makes a good design principle?
04/12/17 How To Get the Best Design Feedback From Your Team
08/03/16 Design Better Data Tables
07/27/16 Datum Ipsum
02/08/16 Tiny Data Visualizations
12/15/15 Mind The Gap: Designing graphs with missing data
11/15/15 Goldilocks Your graphs
07/15/15 Well-Designed Interfaces Look Boring
01/07/15 Towards Better Creative Feedback
05/15/14 Asymetrical Symmetry
05/15/14 Make It ‘til You Make it
05/13/14 Better Problem Solving: Unask the Question
05/08/14 Taking Credit for Success
05/06/14 What Happens When Things Go Wrong
02/09/14 Practice Makes Perfect
01/28/14 Be Curious
01/18/14 Working to Work
12/02/13 A Website To Call My Own

Talks I’ve given:

11/02/16 Graphical Web 2016: Tiny Data Visualizations (slides)
10/09/16 OpenCamp 2016: Datum Ipsum (slides)
07/21/16 Brooklyn.JS: WebVR with aframe.js
01/25/16 D3.js NYC: Tiny Data visualizations (video)
04/18/13 Pecha Kucha: The Creatives Must Be Crazy (video)

Poisson-Disc Sampling - reference